LEGO Sir Jayko 8792 Castle

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LEGO 8792 Sir Jayko

After defeating the evil Lord Vladek in a jousting match, Jayko and the other defenders of Morcia were knighted. But when Vladek mysteriously escaped prison, leaving only his mask behind, the knights once again had to find and defeat him. King Mathias discovered that he had fled to his fortress and was growing more and more powerful. Mathias gave Jayko and the knights brand new weapons and armour. He told them to lower the drawbridge of Vladek's fortress so his army could siege the castle. Jayko and the knights went to track him down but Sir Danju was captured in the process. Jayko told Santis and Rascus to go on ahead and infiltrate Vladek's fortress while he stayed and rescued Danju.

That done, Jayko and Danju rushed to Vladek's castle just in time for the siege to start. Jayko and King Mathias entered with the shield of ages and were confronted by Vladek's guards. Mathias tossed the Shield of Ages to Jayko, who was attacked by Vladek. But rather than fight back, Jayko jumped backwards and stabbed his sword into the Vlad-mask, a giant mask the gave Vladek his power. The mask shattered and as the fortress shattered around them, the Shield of Ages formed a force field around Jayko, protecting him from the rubble. Having defeated Vladek once again, Jayko had the crown placed on his head and was made king.