LEGO City Space

LEGO City Space, explore the galaxy with LEGO City

In space there are super exciting missions, therefor these LEGO City Space sets are ideal for young children who dream about becoming an astronaut. 


In 2022 some great new sets will arrive! With these sets you can travel to out of space... from your room!. Go to the moon... or Mars... Imagine being the chairman of Spacex, and you get to decide where to travel...

LEGO 60350 Lunar Research Base

LEGO 60350 Onderzoeksstation op de maan



LEGO 60351 Rocket Launch Center

LEGO 60351 Raketlanceerbasis City


LEGO City Ruimtevaart 2022

LEGO 60227 City Lunar Space Station


LEGO 60224 Satellite Service Mission


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LEGO® City Explorers app

Improve children's physical play skills with the LEGO® City Explorers app. Kids can add a whole new dimension to their space travel dreams. The easy-to-use and intuitive app forms their own mission control center, from which they embark on new missions, take on exciting challenges and are encouraged to learn through play.


LEGO City Ruimtevaart 2022

The ride of your life

Astronauts never forget how exciting their launch was, but who says the ride there couldn't be just as fun? Kids can help their space heroes from the control center to the launch pad via the monorail in LEGO® City 60228 Space Rocket and Flight Control.

LEGO 60226 Mars Research Shuttle

LEGO 60226 Mars ruimte vaart tuig


LEGO 60228 Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control




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