Made to collect


Show everyone that you are a huge fan with LEGO® BrickHeadz™


LEGO® BrickHeadz™ are buildable figures consisting of approximately 150 LEGO® bricks. Their blocky, minimalist design and emphasis on iconic features create a stylized representation of famous pop culture characters. There are all kinds of BrickHeadz™ figures, from movie characters to music artists, making it possible for any BrickHeadz fan to build a real fan collection.

BrickHeadz™ models are usually about 8 cm high, although there are exceptions. Exceptions include: Buddies – The smaller BrickHeadz, which in some cases are included with the standard BrickHeadz, are approximately 5cm high. Characters whose height is an iconic feature are slightly taller than the standard BrickHeadz. For example Hagrid™ and Demogorgon

Most BrickHeadz builders build their collections over time. Collections come in all sizes. Some are small and others are museum-worthy. The great thing about BrickHeadz™ is the way they capture a character's unique characteristics with simple LEGO® bricks.

This unusual portrayal of well-known, often famous, figures makes them much-loved by anyone interested in collecting pop culture characters. Of course they are also nice to buy as a one-time gift.