Everyone belongs here!

Everyone is different, unique – and that’s especially easy to see in cities. That’s why LEGO® City sets offer varied and diverse reality play, making sure there’s truly something for everyone, and every story. Bring their City to life!




LEGO City Police

LEGO® City Police construction toys stimulate imaginative open-ended role-play where kids can have fun creating exciting scenarios that depict real city life in a fun and imaginative way. A perfect gift idea for boys and girls aged 4 and up.

Fire Brigade

LEGO City Firebrigade

You can’t fight fires in LEGO City without water, and kids will love the new water pump feature available within selected sets in the LEGO City Fire theme! Find it in the 60216 LEGO City Downtown Fire Brigade and 60214 LEGO City Burger Bar Fire Rescue sets to add inspirational realism to your child’s firefighting roleplay!


LEGO Trains

Create the ultimate LEGO® City Train adventure with train tracks that enhance and add functionality to LEGO City Train sets. Builders can use the flexible and sturdy Tracks to travel near and far – and the Switch Tracks connect curved train tracks which make it easy to create complex train routs for exciting journeys all over LEGO® City. How many new routes will your builder create with these tracks?

LEGO City Trains


LEGO City Town 

Jump-start your young builder’s storytelling creativity with characters, vehicles and buildings in LEGO® City! From pizza parlors to skate ramps, there’s a new and exciting story behind every corner. With LEGO City, children can build an amazing and unique city of their own design. What adventure will they create first?

LEGO City Town

Great vehicles

LEGO City Vehicles

From harvesters to construction vehicles to the familiar garbage truck that cleans up the neighborhood, kids grow up surrounded by big impressive vehicles. Activate their imagination and play with LEGO® City Great Vehicles! With amazing features like stud shooters, vehicle suspension and realistic hydraulic lifts and loaders, every car enthusiast will find the perfect build for them in this theme!

LEGO City Vehicles



LEGO City Space

Filled with amazing vehicles, exciting missions and daring explorers, space is the perfect place for kids to set their imaginations free! The adventures start here on Earth, where children can build mission and launch control stations before blasting rockets, shuttles and satellites into space! Science, adventure, roleplay, education – they all come together as kids head off to discover the unknown with LEGO® City Space!

LEGO City Space


LEGO City Underwater

LEGO® City Ocean playsets introduce kids to the exciting world of underwater exploration and stimulate open-ended role play – where they can have fun creating exciting scenarios that depict real life in a fun and imaginative way. 

LEGO City Underwater 


LEGO City Stuntz

Discover action-filled fun with LEGO® City Stuntz. With your very own LEGO stunt cars and stunt bikes, perform daring tricks and amaze the crowd! Check out all the LEGO City Stuntz sets.

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