LEGO® 71017 MINI Figures

LEGO 71017 Join the action with LEGO® Minifigures—THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE series. Read more...

LEGO® 71017 D
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LEGO® 71019 MINI Figures

LEGO 71019 Bring the NINJAGO® world to life with LEGO® Minifigures. Read more...

LEGO® 71019 D
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LEGO® 71021 MINI Figures

LEGO 71021 Get the party started with LEGO® Minifigures! Read more...

LEGO® 71021 D
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LEGO® 71023 LEGO Movie 2

LEGO 71023 Discover and collect your favorite characters from THE LEGO® MOVIE 2! Read more...

LEGO® 71023 D
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Extreme fun with LEGO Minifigures…


LEGO® Minifigures bring new play possibilities and open-ended creativity to existing LEGO sets. Children love to collect and bring inspiring new characters into their LEGO universe, where they can play out their own imaginative stories and scenes from their favorite LEGO movies. Each minifigure comes in a sealed ‘mystery’ bag with a display plate and a collector’s leaflet, and selected minifigures come with one or more accessories