2TTOYS is an official LEGO dealer from the Netherlands, Europe. Since its founding in 2004, 2TTOYS has experienced great growth, on the one hand by supplying original LEGO sets at a low price, on the other hand by providing a perfect service. It is not for nothing that 2TTOYS has become one of the largest players on the LEGO market in the Netherlands and Europe. Because of the ever-growing growth, 2TTOYS has entered into a partnership with a business partner in Dubai. The items listed on this website are actually present in the warehouse in Dubai and can therefore be delivered quickly.
2TTOYS is part of 2TCOMPANY, a trading company that invests in participations in companies and real estate.
2TCOMPANY is a family business, run by the Van Nuland-Hak couple. They started 2TCOMPANY and through hard work the company has grown into a healthy company with branches all over the world.
In addition to their business activities in trade, they are active in the volunteer world. They do this through, among other things, their own "SamenPlezier" foundation.